Lewis and Clark Caverns

Let’s play three truths and a lie.

  1. After reaching the Pacific Ocean and starting back home, Meriwether Lewis was shot in the leg by one of his men on a hunting expedition.
  2. Lewis and Clark visited the Lewis and Clark Caverns during there trip to the Pacific Ocean.
  3. The only death during the Lewis and Clark expedition was from appendicitis.

The lie is that Lewis and Clark never went to the Lewis and Clark Caverns. They passed near them but never had the opportunity to see or explore them.

Our family really enjoyed them and our guide was great. For those keeping score, my kids still liked Carlsbad Caverns better. Fortunately for those I was with, I was able to ignore the fact that while spelunking through the mountain millions of tons of earth were pressed against the ceiling of the cave waiting to crush me which would have sent me into a panic attack of hyperventilating and tears. There might have been screams of anguish mixed in too. Anyway, enjoy the video.

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