Michael was born a nerd as evidenced by his childhood Christmas wishlists which included a microscope, a rock polisher, a magic set,a metal detector, and a synthesizer (he learned two songs, “Shout” by Tears for Fears and “Axel F”). Michael grew up working on farms in Idaho and his heart still yearns to till the soil. While he was in high school in North Dakota he enjoyed the calculated violence of football. He also developed an intense fear of being abducted by aliens during his formative years which he carries with him still. He has never been knowingly abducted(although he is pretty sure his sister was). He believes in following your dreams but he hated the show Rudy. Michael’s degree in Economics led him to a 16 year career in the financial industry where he started as a stock broker and then coached and taught people methods for investing in stocks and advanced options strategies. In 2015 he quit his job to travel and spend time with his family and prepare for the coming machine apocalypse.


While in high school Marisa’s greatest dream was to have a pet Monkey. In her wisdom, her mom told her if she could save up the money for the monkey, she could buy one. She grew up and married Michael instead which it turns out is similar to owning a monkey. Marisa is a dreamer full of faith and hope which rubs off  on the rest of the family. She enjoys serving others and is a bright light in a sometimes dark world. She is always coming up with new service projects for the family to perform. Marisa has homeschooled her children for 7 years. Marisa is interested in natural healing methods and she is a certified family herbalist. She has managed an essential oil business for 5 years and it allows her family to travel full time and provides natural health solutions to her friends and family.


Reece is the oldest in our family. Reece loves all things daredevil. He laughs at Nitro Circus because they don’t take enough chances. If there is a cliff he jumps off of it, if there is a slope, he boards it, if there is a trail he dirtbikes it (when his dirtbike is actually running.) As the oldest, he is responsible and goal driven. When he sets his eyes on a goal he is motivated to accomplish it. Reece could do the coffee grinder dance move when he was five. He could solve a Rubiks cube in an average time of 27 seconds when he was 10. 3 years ago he had a lacrosse stick merged to his hands and it has become a part of his body. His goal is to get his associates degree by the time he is 18 and he would like to be a dentist when he grows up so he can work 4 days a week and do death defying feats the other days.


Maya is an old soul in a young body. She is mature for her age and helps the family as a second mother. For a large part of her life, it seemed she had escaped her fathers geek genes and just got her mothers good looks. In recent years however she has become a fan of Dr. Who and ghost stories which pleases her father very much. During our travels, she has taken it upon herself to find whatever local place is haunted so we can visit. She is great at cooking and baking. If you ever want to taste heaven ask her for some of her chocolate chip cookies. When she isn’t cooking Maya can be found skiing the slopes, reading, and writing.


Mason is the third child so he is a master at blending in and going unnoticed. He is a natural at basketball, lacrosse, and football. When asked what his favorite sport is he says it is basketball. He is currently taking a class that teaches him how to mod Minecraft and he loves using his creativity to build worlds. Mason started skiing when he was 6 and he loves it. If there is a lego set around, he is putting it together. Masons best qualities are his compassion and ability to love. He gives his family more hugs than they can handle.


Madelyn is the youngest in the family and as such she is the most popular. She makes friends with everyone regardless of their age. Her life is full of rainbows, unicorns, and princesses. At her last birthday party she invited friends from the age of 4 to 45 to a tea party. She has a passion for life and is filled with the desire to explore and meet people. She is so passionate about everything that when she talks she has two volume levels, loud and loudest. She probably won’t be known for her stealthy ninja skills at any point in her life.