Our Core Values

Faith: We believe in things not seen. We believe that we can accomplish what the Lord wants us to. The atonement is real and we are made whole as we actively participate in it.

Obedience: We seek to do the Lords will. We ask him to provide the way. We obediently follow.

Charity: the essence of the gospel is love for God and love for man. If Christ was on the earth he would be found with the sick, the lame, the sinners. We want to be found helping them too.

Adventure: We want live a life of new experiences. As we find adventure, we will understand and appreciate others more. We will appreciate Heavenly Fathers creations more. We will also be able to overcome our fears and know ourselves.

Unity: As we work and serve together we become closer. As we go through trials we are unified. We rely on each other more. We support and care for each other. We are safe with each other.