Pants Optional

Don’t worry. You won’t see us without pants if you watch this video. What you will see is a bunch of people that are terrible at golf, some Wal Mart shenanigans, and people that are really hot, temperature wise. Our air conditioner was still on the fritz.


Great Smoky Mountain National Park

smnp 1

Allow me to go back in time and post about the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It has been weeks since we visited the park when we were in North Carolina but I neglected to post about it.

I was surprised to learn that the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited national park. In fact, it isn’t even close. It has double the amount of visitors of the second most visited national park, Grand Canyon National Park.

smnp 4

The park is huge and there are several entrances. We entered the park near Cherokee, North Carolina. There was a great visitor center there with a bunch of old farm buildings that gave a feel of how the European Settlers lived.

smnp 6

While we were touring the buildings, there were  big fences around the vegetable gardens and fruit trees. I asked the rangers and they said that the fences were built that way to keep the elk and other animals out of the garden.

smnp 5

We were able to go on  nice hike by the river and we even found time to skip some rocks. One of our favorite pastimes.

smnp 3

We came across a bunch of elk on the hike. It is always so wondrous to see wild animals in there natural habitat. It was the highlight of our trip to the park.

smnp 7

We didn’t get to spend as much time as we should in the park. I hope to be able to go back some day and spend more time there.


Birthday Boy

We celebrated Reece’s Birthday this week. It was a little hard as we are living in cramped quarters since our RV slide isn’t working. We still had a good time and made the best of our situation. If you watch the video you will see how much I love malls. You will also have to hear me vomiting. If you don’t want to hear me vomit, don’t click on the video. I’m serious, it’s not pleasant.


Butt Trip Triple Play

butt trip miner

If you don’t know what a butt trip is go ahead and click here to get an idea of what a butt trip is. Essentially butt trips are small day trips to obscure places that adults appreciate more than children. The longer the drive and the more obscure the destination the better. We did a butt trip triple play in Tulsa as we visited The Center of the Universe, the Golden Driller, and a Volkswagen Bug on “spider legs.” This trip scored a 60 out of 67 scale. We didn’t have to drive very far to see it but we did see three obscure sites, one of which we all refused to get out of the car to look at.

We have been on higher scoring butt trips but this was one of the best due to the quantity of destinations. We have never done three destinations in one trip. The VW bug with spider legs might be one of the most worthless things we have ever seen.

butt trip bug.jpg


We are Miners, Hard Rock Miners

gem mine 1

When we were in North Carolina we had the chance to visit the city of Cherokee and go to a gem store. They had buckets of dirt that came from mines and you could buy a bucket and go out to try your hand at finding gems in the dirt.

gem mine 5

You would put some of your dirt in a wooden box with a screen at the bottom and as the water rushed through a sluice it would clean the dirt and you would look through rocks to find gems. It wasn’t really mining and more touristy but it was still fun because we found some cool gems.

gem mine 4

After finding the gems we took them inside the shop and they told us what we had. Our piles of rocks are visible here from left to right on the red mat you have citrine, amethyst, garnets, calcite, one tiny ruby, and emeralds.

gem mine 2

Our kids really enjoyed finding the gems. I’ve seen a lot of places like this in the South. I don’t remember seeing any in Utah or in the west in general. It was a fun treasure hunt. I hope I don’t get silicosis from the hard rock mining.


RV Problems

This week we had to make it to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a family reunion and we were having issues with our slide coming in but we didn’t have time to get it looked at. We decided to stop in Memphis and leave the slide in rather than risk getting it stuck again. This led to an uncomfortable crowded night and a fun drive to Hot Springs. Check out the chaos below.

Our Biggest Fan

Eva comments on almost all of our blog posts so I consider her my number one blog fan. The highlight of our Nashville trip was meeting her. We also visited the Nashville Parthenon, Antique Archeology, and this place called The Grand Ol’ Opry. Nashville was awesome!