Do We Really Need This Sign?


If you have gone to a public pool you have probably seen a sign like the one above that Marisa took at our campsite. Signs like this cause Marisa and I a lot of concern. We have often wondered why we even need these signs. When we stayed with our friends the Cooks they showed us the following bit by Tig Notaro that summed up our worries exactly. HILARIOUS!


Nowhere That We Cannot Go

I’ve been a fan of Hayden since his first record came out thanks to my brother Chris but I somehow missed when his latest album came out. I added it to my Apple music recently and I loved this song. One of the things I wish I could impose on my kids is the idea that they can be and accomplish what they set there minds to. I want them to believe that there is nowhere that they cannot go.

This is the new Johnson family RV tour theme song. Thank you Hayden.

What do you do to try to help your kids believe in themselves and to see the potential that you see in them?

Finding Joy in a Small Space


For the last 2 and a half months our fifth wheel has been in the repair shop. Some of our friends in our old neighborhood let us stay in a mother in law apartment while we waited for it to be fixed. We foundĀ a lot of happinessĀ living in our old neighborhood in a small space. This video gives some tips in how to find joy living in a small space, or any space.