The Not So Secret Garden

biltmore garden 5In my post about the huge 178,000 square foot Biltmore Mansion I mentioned that it was built upon an 8,000 acre estate. The grounds of the estate were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead who also designed Central Park.

The grounds are amazing and if I lived in the area I might buy a membership to the Biltmore Mansion to visit the gardens during different parts of the year as there are plants that grow and bloom throughout the year giving a different experience each time.

biltmore garden 6

There are several different gardens that you can walk through on the estate with paths that meander through. I was impressed by the variety and the beauty of the grounds.

biltmore garen 3

My favorite part was the huge greenhouse that houses several different types of plants.

biltmore garden 4

There were a bunch of different orchids….

biltmore garden 2

and cacti……

biltmore garden 1

and a bunch of tropical plants.

Biltmore 8

I like gardens a lot so I think I actually liked the Biltmore Gardens even more than I liked the house. If you get a chance, visit the Biltmore Mansion and gardens in Asheville.



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