Colder Than a Tin Toilet on an Iceburg

Fifty to sixty degree water sure takes your breath away when you drop in over your head but you do get a rush from it on a hot day. There is a place near Asheville, North Carolina, that is aptly named “Sliding Rock” with extremely cold water and fun to be found for all members of the family.

Close your eyes and imagine what comes to your mind when you think of a place called Sliding Rock. What images does it conjure? Do you see a rock that you can slide on? Good imagination, oh creative one. You nailed it.

We travelled through some pretty windy roads to get to the famous rock of sliding. There was a little weeping, a small amount of wailing, and I might have gnashed my teeth a little bit as half the family started getting car sick. Nobody hurled but we came close.

Since no one in the family blew chunks the car sickness was worth it as at the end of our roller coaster drive, we were able to climb to the top of a 60 foot flat rock, slide down, and plunge into the freezing cold water. As my dad would say, it was colder than a tin toilet on an iceberg with a north wind a’blowing.

If you go to sliding rock, wear some old shorts as rocks aren’t easy on thin swimsuits. it’s $2 per person to park. I am told it gets really busy on the weekends so try and go on a weekday.


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