Better Plans are Those Unplanned

lake j 2.jpg

Now don’t get me wrong. I have lived a life of planning and I think that it is necessary for us to plan our lives. You know the old saying, “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” However, one of the things that I have learned on my trip is that sometimes the best things that happen are unplanned. In addition, we can miss the best things in life that are around us right now, because our mind is planning for something in the future.

As our family travels, we don’t usually plan much more than the next stop we are going to make and more often than not, we decide where our next destination is the day before we leave our current camping spot. This usually serves us well and we don’t usually have a hard time finding camping spots. However, when we decided to come to the Asheville, North Carolina area we had a really hard time finding a camping spot that was open.

We finally found a place called Lake Junaluska campground in Waynesville and it was awesome. We had never heard of it and the night we pulled in it was across a busy highway from the lake. Even though we have a lot to do when we get to a new camping spot we decided to take some time and go walk around the lake.

It ended up being one of those magical unplanned nights. We weren’t at a destination spot and we wouldn’t rush to tell everyone to come here but it was a dream for us. We took a walk around the beautiful peaceful lake and just let the moment fill us. We marvelled as a mother duck watched her ducklings as they swam and played.

lake j 1.jpg

We gazed upon weird topiary sculptures and guessed what they were supposed to be.

lake j 4.jpg

Best of all we just spent time together.

lake j 3.jpg

You don’t have to go to great places or spend a lot of money to find magic. You just need to focus on the moment and let it roll over you. Watch the wonder in your child’s eye as they see new things. Hold your lovers hand and appreciate them with all of their strengths and their flaws. Breathe in deep and cherish the fact that you had another breath in this beautiful tragic world. Forget about what comes tomorrow and experience what is happening now.


3 thoughts on “Better Plans are Those Unplanned

  1. The Now is really all we ever have and yet it is so easy to let it quietly slip by without appreciation while focusing on the past or the future.


  2. The now is really all we ever have and yet it is so easy to let it pass without appreciation while unproductively focusing on the past or future.


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