So Amazing I Had to Scream

While I was in Craters of the Moon National Park with my brothers and sisters there were wildflowers everywhere. I know that doesn’t soundlike that big if a deal but the ground there is covered with black and maroon lava rocks. There isn’t any real dirt around so seeing the ground literally covered with multi colored wildflowers clinging to life in the harsh terrain was beyond description.

Even photos didn’t do it justice because we were literally surrounded by flowers in a barren sea of rock. I finally broke down and just started screaming because I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. My niece in the back seat of my car took a video of me freaking out without my knowing about it.

One thought on “So Amazing I Had to Scream

  1. If one is in space, can another hear a scream? I have so many blessings for you and your family from IT coaches and students. See you soon…..


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