Trolley Tour


It was so fortunate for us to meet Marisa’s parents while we were in Georgia and South Carolina. We figured out that we were in the same area because Marisa’s father saw her post about Savannah on Facebook. After spending a day with them in Charleston, we went to Savannah and took a hop on hop off historic bus tour. It was pretty awesome and a really nice way to see the city.
I can’t get enough of the cool old buildings. I seriously could spend a week walking around the city gawking at the architecture.
We went into the Cathedral of St John the Baptist and looked around. I didn’t get any great pictures of the massive chapel  but the stained glass windows were amazing.
sav tour 3
We were able to go to the famous Leopold’s for ice cream. The ice cream was OK but it was a welcome break from the heat.
sav tour 2
If you can’t tell already we loved visiting Savannah. I want to go back and spend more time there with Marisa sometime in the future. The history and beauty are amazing.

One thought on “Trolley Tour

  1. Sometimes churches are difficult to photograph on the inside. Need special light fixtures & umbrella bounces. Typical lighting issues. Nice that you were able to spend time with Marisa’s folks. You folks are having just too much fun.


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