Hip To Be Square

squares 1

One of my Mom’s favorite cities in the wold is Savannah Georgia, and let me telly you it did not disappoint. Our first day there we stopped at the main visitor center and then hiked to Forsyth Park. From there we walked south through a lot of the different squares that were planned into the city when it was first established by British General James Oglethorpe.

squares 5

The city was designed to have the green, garden filled squares throughout the city, and then the squares were surrounded by houses and businesses. As you walk through them you are able to find a plethora of historical markers. I could spend weeks walking around this town and learning the history. I was so proud of our kids as we walked over 4 miles our first day there.

squares 4

We took some tour buses later but I was really glad that we walked through the city the first day. You get such a great feel for a city by walking through it and Savannah was amazing.

squares 2

Marisa and I were in love with the architecture and the stories. In addition I was able to see where Tom Hanks sat on his bench in Forrest Gump. The bench is gone but I still pretended to sit on it.

squares 3

We spent 4 days visiting Savannah and it has been one of our favorite cities. It was so full of history and beauty.



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