Are Froglegs Considered Seafood?

White's 1

Our family likes seafood a lot but my kids have never been able to try a lot of fresh seafood since we live in the landlocked state of Utah. We met someone at church who insisted that we go to a fresh seafood buffet with him at White’s Seafood and Steakhouse. We are glad we did.

White's 2

We were able to sample crab, snow crab, prawns, crawfish, and a huge variety of other seafood. We loved the boiled stuff. I was really excited to let our kids try a bunch of new foods that they hadn’t ever had before.

white's 3.jpg

Reece and Mason were smiling like as big as other kids smile when they visit Disneyland. The shrimp, crab, and crawfish were amazing.The shrimp were huge.

white's 4

The frog legs were OK but at least we can say we have had them. Are frog legs considered seafood? I’m not sure but they taste like chicken.


One thought on “Are Froglegs Considered Seafood?

  1. LOL, M. J. Are frog legs considered seafood? I suppose my answer would be: “See food, eat food.” To me, they taste like chicken. Doesn’t deter me, though…


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