Welcome to the Bayou

campground la 2

After spending 5 weeks in Texas we moved on to Louisiana. We usually don’t make reservations until a day or two before we move on but when we left Houston, Marisa and I decided to just start driving and find a campground while we drove. Marisa was led to a great spot at Fairview-Riverside State Park in Madisonville, La. Wow is was pretty. We are about 45 minutes from New Orleans and next to a river.

There is a sign by our campsite that says our children are slow but I assume it is referring to the slow life that we live as opposed to their mental capacities.

campground la 5

We spent time every night going on beautiful walks by the river. It was the first time I had seen an alligator in the water while taking the dogs for a walk

campground la 4

I have never been on the bayou and I couldn’t get enough of the trees. They grow right up out of the water and the moss that hangs from them is amazing.

campground la

We had a lot of slow days at this park since it was so beautiful and fun to relax there. Marisa and Madelyn even had time to make a basket together.

campground la 3

The campground was extremely busy over the weekend but it was really slow during the week. It was an easy drive to New Orleans and the nearby plantations and we made some new friends while we were there. Marisa was led to the perfect spot!



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