Houston Zoo

zoo frog

I have mixed feelings about zoos in general. I am an animal lover and on the one hand I hate seeing majestic animals that are captive behind bars. On the other hand many zoos do a lot of research and activities that help animals throughout the world. I think it also gives people an opportunity to have an experience with exotic animals that might make them appreciate nature more and have a stronger desire to protect Mother Nature.

Our favorite exhibits were the cats. There was a cheetah, a cougar, a lion, a jaguar, and a tiger among others. If I was a wild animal I would be a big cat of some sort.

zoo cheetah

The Houston Zoo was clean and it seemed like the animals were in good habitats. They had a lot of fundraising going on for animal research. There was a lot of variety and we enjoyed it overall.

If you get a chance to go to the zoo in Houston take it. The first Tuesday of every month between September through May is free. We took advantage of the free day and it was well worth it. Parking was terrible and we had to find paid parking about 3/4 of a mile away but the zoo didn’t seem extremely busy.


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