Children’s Museum Houston

The museum district in downtown Houston is pretty awesome. There are 19 different museums all located in the same area of town. We visited the Children’s Museum as it is part of our ASTC Travel Passport program through Thanksgiving Point in Utah.

I didn’t get a lot of good pictures but the museum was pretty nice with a lot of different activities and learning opportunities. The highlight of the museum for our younger kids was a Kids Town Area. When you go in you receive a debit card. There were places for kids to work and earn money which they could put on their card. They could work at a grocery store, bank, stock exchange, restaurant, art museum, news station, among other things. Madelyn decided to be an artist. Mason decided to try his hand at commodities trading. News reports would come out on the trading floor and he would decide to buy or sell. Pretty fun.

child mus art

After earning money and putting it on the debit card, they were able to go and spend the money in a grocery store, or a restaurant. They had a lot of fun.

child mus shopping

There were some great climbing areas and places to run around inside and outside the museum.

chid mus climb

We also enjoyed learning about atoms and molecules and we attempted to build molecule models from atoms. Reece is pretty proud of his caffeine molecule/

child mus molecules

Plan on spending 3 to 4 hours at the museum to be able to spend time with all of the activities.


One thought on “Children’s Museum Houston

  1. Someone is taking some fabulous photographs! We have a children’s play/paint/drawing area in Nashville at the Frist Museum for Visual Arts.


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