Stewart Beach, Galveston


We haven’t been to a beach since we left Carmel in February and it was good to get back. Even better, we were able to go to the beach with family. All of the cousins on Marisa’s  side of the family were able to come out with us (and their parents and grandparents) and it was great watching them have fun.


Stewart beach is a decent beach with extremely warm water, showers and facilities, and it is dog friendly, so it fit all of our needs. There were a lot of waves but I was told that a lot of the time there aren’t any waves. We just happened to be there on a windy day with a lot of storms off shore so we were able to see some waves and do some skim boarding.

galveston skim board

This was a great day mainly because we were able to spend so much time together with extended family.

I imagine that in this picture, Reece is contemplating the things that are important in life….or maybe he is wondering what we were going to eat for dinner. Either way he is deep in thought.






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