Old City Cemetery Galveston


A lot of the time when we our bound for a destination we find other interesting places by chance on the way. We have learned over time not to focus solely on where we are going, but to also pay attention for those treasures we might find on the way. The Old City Cemetery in Galveston was one of those treasures.

old city maus

We were traveling from Houston to the beach in Galveston and we happened upon this beautiful old cemetery on the way. It was right off of Broadway and between 40th and 43rd streets. I had sand and sun on my mind but the spring wildflowers compelled us to stop and take some pictures. I am told that the yellow flowers only bloom for a few weeks so we were really lucky.

old city path

There aren’t a lot of cemeteries with mausoleums and with as much History as the ones down here so we walked around awestruck by the old structures. It was so fun to explore.




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