Flood Relief in Houston

We arrived in Houston while they were going through some major floods due to an extensive amount of rain. One of our great friends Sarah let us know about relief efforts in her area so we decided to help.

Flood M&S.jpg

It was amazing to see the efforts that were made to help the victims of floods. Many groups in the area put a call out for non perishable food, toiletries, and clothing donations and they collected them. One of the local high schools ,Spring High, put out a call letting everyone know that they would take the donations and set up an area  in the gym to allow flood victims to come and get food and clothes. People started delivering stuff by truckloads. One of spring highs coaches, Coach Richard, made sure that everything ran smoothly.

Flood truck

The food we unloaded went into the gymnasium and was sorted to make it easy for people to get what they needed.

flood food.jpg

The clothes were taken to a classroom where they were sorted as well.

flood clothes.jpg

There were so many people there helping. I was so impressed and touched by the donations and the hard work that was put in to help others. Spring High was very generous in donating their facilities and it was inspiring to see so much service.


One thought on “Flood Relief in Houston

  1. Wow. Your family is too cool for school. I saw on the news where volunteers rescued a semi-truck driver from rising flood waters. I’m sure that many from our Volunteer State (TN) are down in Houston.


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