Dr. Pepper Museum

dp museum.jpg

There was a time in my life when I might have been obsessed with Dr. Pepper. When I thought of Heaven I didn’t think of streets paved with gold, I thought of Dr. Pepper soda fountains in every home. Even though I now prefer water it was fun to pay a visit to the Dr. Pepper museum in Waco. Most of the museum was closed the day we went but we were able to look around at a few things while we were there.

dp truck.jpg

We were able to go to an old fashioned fountain in the museum that had syrup and then added seltzer water like in the olden days. We were pretty excited to try the soda. For out of the four Johnson children thought the soda was OK. After a long talk about it we decided that the fountain Dr. Pepper tastes just like a can of Dr. Pepper, except with less flavor, and less carbonation.

DP Fountain.jpg

The Museum is close to Magnolia Market so you could hit up both if you wanted to.


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