Palo Duro Canyon

palo duro.jpg

It’s pretty flat near Amarillo. When I heard that the second largest canyon in the US (their claim not mine) was nearby I wanted to see it. We took a little drive and found the state park. It may be the second largest but in my opinion it certainly isn’t as dynamic or beautiful as Canyonlands or Bryce Canyon in Utah. It does seem like a nice place to camp and hike if you are in the area.

We had a funny experience while we were there. There was a sign on a hike for a wildlife viewing blind. We haven’t done any bird watching on our trip so we decided to take a look.

pd sign.jpg

The blind was a nice little structure and they had various bird feeders on the other side. There meadow was teeming with birds.

pd blind.jpg

There were a bunch of signs there with the different animals and birds we might see. I joked with my kids and told them if you push on a picture, the animal or bird will appear. I then proceeded to push on the picture of the Red Cardinal.

pd birds.jpg

Immediately after I pressed on the picture, a cardinal flew up to one of the feeders. My kids looked at me in amazement. It was the law of attraction at work ladies and gentlemen.

pd cardinal.jpg

Of course we decided to press our luck and push on the picture of the mountain lion. Luckily that button was out of order.



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