RV Museum

rv museum 53 fleetwood.jpg
1953 Fleetwood

There are two words that I like a lot lately. “RV” and “Free.” We went to a FREE museum with vintage RV’s and travel trailers in Amarillo. It was pretty awesome and really fun to see some of the old trailers and RV’s that were there.

I don’t know how much money they put into buying and restoring the trailers but I was impressed, especially since they don’t charge admission. This 1936 Alma was found in a barn 20 miles from where it was manufactured in almost new condition.

rv museum 36 alma.jpg

This 1948 Flxble was used by the Gornike family in the movie RV. I love the style, especially the windows.

rv museum rv movie.jpg

Even though it was an RV museum there were a lot of motorcycles. This Harley is one of two of it’s kind known to exist. It was used in World War 2.

rv museum ww2 harley.jpg

The coolest trailer was this 1935 Airstream. It is officially the oldest Airstream in existence. A doctor bought the plans and built it with scrap parts from junkyards. I loved seeing this.

rv museum 35 airstream.jpg

If you are passing through Amarillo and you like the words “RV” and “Free” like I do, stop at the museum and take a look.



One thought on “RV Museum

  1. Hi, all. Fabulous trip. I did this sort of discovery in the Western States, 1971, before all y’all were born. It was so much fun! ERC


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