Rocky Mountain (Oyster) High

big texan limo.jpg

I don’t think that Marisa and I usually fall for a lot of gimmicks but we sure did on this one. After we pulled into our RV Park in Amarillo, we saw that you could get a free limo ride to the world famous Big Texan Restaurant. Not just any limo either. We are talking kind of junky but not quite sleazy Texas limos with steer horns on the front a la Boss Hog (I know he wasn’t in Texas) from The Dukes of Hazard. We seriously couldn’t resist. We told our kids a shuttle was picking us up but when the car showed up they were speechless. I’m not sure if it was good or bad speechless but either way it had the desired effect.

Th Big Texan is famous for it’s 72 oz. steak challenge. If you eat a 4 and a half pound sirloin, 3 fried shrimp, a baked potato, a salad, and a roll in less than an hour you get it for free. If you fail, you pay $68 for the meal. We did not try the challenge. We did however have the Rocky Mountain Oyster appetizer. It was pretty good and everyone tried it but some had to psyche themselves up for it. Anything that is fried is probably going to be good, right?

The steaks were OK but it was fun to feel the ambiance. There is a gift shop there with a live rattlesnake and a lot of cool old signs that we have seen before as we have traveled through Amarillo but we have never stopped to see.

It ended up being a fun night. Even though the food wasn’t amazing, it was worth the trip to be able to ride in the limo and spend time at the restaurant.

big texan limo 2.jpg


2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain (Oyster) High

  1. We stayed at the Oasis RV Park when we were there. I didn’t think the food was that great but the kids got a kick out of the limo ride. You could go for lunch which is cheaper and still get the limo ride experience. If you don’t want to eat you could drive there and see the gift shop.

    Make sure you get some spray paint and go to Cadillac Ranch. It’s fun to spray paint the cars. The Don Harrington Discovery center was fun. it’s a science museum. I’m not sure how much it is because we got in free with our ASTC passport. There is a free RV museum in Amarillo too, which was worth the visit. Really cool vintage trailers.


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