Spaceship House

sapceship house 1.jpg

There are a lot of unique places to see out there. Marisa and the kids happened upon one of those unique places while they were going to a children’s museum in Albequerqu. She noticed a crowd of people taking pictures of a house and stopped.

While they were there, the famous architect and owner of the home, Bart Prince, came out and let Marisa take a picture with him. He was a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright and is known for his unique designs. Marisa was interviewed for a news piece that is going to be published in May. We will let you know if her interview makes it to the final edit. The house was amazing and it was an honor to meet Mr. Prince.

spaceshp with architect.jpg

After seeing the spaceship house we went to the Explora Children’s Museum. It was a great museum, so great that we went two times.

science museum madelyn.jpg

The biggest hit at the museum were the bubbles. As you can see we all got into the fun.

science museum reecescience museum bubbles 3Science museum bubblesscience museum bubble 2


3 thoughts on “Spaceship House

  1. Hi! You mentioned the children’s museum is in Amarillo, did you mean Albuquerque? We’re in Amarillo right now but headed to NM next week. I love seeing what you all have been doing in that area for ideas for us. Will you still be in the Albuquerque or Santa Fe area next week?


    • Yes, it is supposed to say Albuquerque. We will be sure to change that, thank you! We are heading South in Texas right now, so we won’t be heading that way. It would have been fun to meet up with you!


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