The Winds are A Blowin’

Here is a little full time travel terminology for you. Some of us that live in a fifth wheels call our fifth wheels Fivers. We also call normal houses sticks and bricks. I liked living in stick and brick house and I will live in one again but while I have lived in a Fiver I haven’t missed a lot of things about our house.

Today is a little different. We are in a small town in Arizona surrounded by dirt and dust and the winds are gusting at up to 60 miles an hour. Needless to say we are rocking around like a boat in a storm and it is a little disconcerting to feel your home be whipped around by Mother Nature. We are all trapped inside our tin can waiting for a calm in the storm so we can go outside. If I was in my house in Utah I probably wouldn’t even notice the wind.

Sitting inside my fifth wheel with the wind rocking me around, I think of the winds that come up in life. When I start getting blown about by trials what do I do? Do I let them push me where they want? Do I drift about and let them dictate to me where I will go? Sometimes when the winds are strong enough I think I succeed by digging in and not falling back. At other times I need to push through them and move forward towards my goals. What do you do to keep moving forward when the winds are blowing?


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