Disaster Averted

During our last move we nearly had a disaster. There is a loft area above our living area that has a lot of the stuff we don’t use including winter coats. While we were driving thebox of coats must have slid forward and turned our loft light on. The light bulb isn’t an LED bulb so the coats were right up against it and it must have got pretty hot.

After we parked at our new camp site and got everything situated I noticed that the light in the loft was on. I about ignored it but decided to investigate and found this.

burnt coat.JPG

The light had started burning and melting Reece’s coat. It was really hot! We were lucky that it didn’t start a fire. We have had quite a few averted disasters the last few weeks and we feel very blessed that a fire didn’t start.

Now I need to go find some LED light bulbs so this doesn’t happen again.


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