Wupatki National Monument

wutpaki 3

Wupatki National Monument consists of the remains of several small settlements north of Flagstaff, Arizona. We had no expectations when we decided to visit as we had never heard of them. We were awestruck by how cool they were. Someone needs to make a word that describes being pleasantly surprised about ruins found while going on a last minute day trip while traveling across the country in a fifth wheel.

As you drive through the National Monument there are several pueblos that you can visit of varying size. Below are the ruins of a settlement built on the top of a small mesa. The walls were all built with sandstone and concrete in the mid to late 1100’s. That was before I was even born!

wutpaki 5

Mason and I spent some time looking out from on top of the ruins in the picture above. There were some good views of the painted desert throughout the monument. As I looked off into the distance I thought “Wow, look at that in the distance.” Sometimes I am very profound.

wutpaki 1

The main visitor center has a small hike that takes you to the largest ruins in the area. It had over 100 rooms built into it including a large sports court.

wutpaki 2

This was just one of those magical days. We all got along and had fun together. We went into it without great expectations and came out learning a little more about the Native Americans that settled in this area. If you are near Flagstaff, visit the Wupatki National Monument.

wutpaki 4


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