A Pit Stop On the Way to The Grand Canyon

There we were with a goal in mind. Our hearts were set on seeing the vastness of the Grand Canyon. Usually when we have a destination in mind as great as the Grand Canyon, we do not deviate.  Suddenly, in the distance, we saw what looked like a giant Fred Flinstone.

Questions were bantered back and forth. What do we do? Do we stop? What if we don’t have time on the way home? Why do we even care that there is a giant Fred Flinstone? My leg autonomously slammed on the brakes. As the dust from our sudden stop cleared we heard angels singing from on high. There was Fred Flintstone in all his glory welcoming us to an RV park.

flint 1.JPG

Someone has a macabre sense of humor because next to Fred, there was a life size skeleton of Dino the Dinosaur. I find dead pet skeletons to be extremely disconcerting.

flint 3.jpg

At least we got to see what people that lived with Dinosaurs used as fifth wheels back in the day. There was more Flintstone goodness to see behind a big wall and a $5 price tag. We didn’t pay the price to see behind the wall, the Grand Canyon was beckoning us to come forth and partake of it’s beauty.

flint 2





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