Old Las Vegas Historic Mormon Fort

mormon fort

The first permanent structure built by people of European blood in Las Vegas was built by Mormon missionaries near current Downtown Las Vegas. There is a state park called Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort that probably takes up a city block with some remains of the old structure, as well as some rebuilt structures. It has a small visitors center and some buildings to take a look at.

mormon fort 2

Madelyn has been having a lot of bad dreams lately so she enjoyed making a dreamcatcher at a craft table. The other kids were patient enough to wait around while she created her masterpiece.

mormon fort 3

The structures were pretty nice. If you watch the movie in the visitor center and go through the displays you might spend about an hour in the facility.

After visiting the fort we decided to go visit the Ethel M chocolate factory. We had heard you can see the production line. Unfortunately the day we went the line was shut down. There is a really cool cactus garden outside the factory that is worth seeing if you are in the area.

Tomorrow I am going to share my favorite thing that we did in the Vegas. What do you think it was?


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