Las Vegas Natural History Museum

museum dino.jpg

After one visit to the strip my kids didn’t want to go back. So what does one do in Vegas if you aren’t going to the strip? You visit the natural history museum of course.

We have a membership at Thanksgiving Point in Utah and the membership allows us to visit a multitude of other museums and gardens across the country for free through the ASTC Travel Passport Program. Normally it is $10 for admission.

Upon entrance to the museum you are reminded immediately that it is a harsh and cruel world. It’s good to remind kids of their mortality lest they feel safe and comfortable. Thank you killer lion.

museum lion.jpg

There is an aquarium area with lost of fish. There wee even some sand sharks and stingray. For some reason the museum thinks that the natural habitat of killer whale is to fly through the air. I’m pretty sure they swim but I’m no Marine Biologist.

museum whale.jpg


They have a nice Egyptian area with a replica of King Tuts chamber.

museum egypt.jpg

I might be a museum snob after all of the excellent museums we have been to but this one wasn’t the greatest. I would have been disappointed had we paid for it. At least now my children now know that there lives are fragile thanks to the killer lion in the entrance.



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