Ballet at the Senior Citizens Center

We have had a lot of requests from our followers to show a video of me doing ballet(no we haven’t.) At long last the video is available for the world to see above.

As we travel we like to try to do service projects wherever we go. In the past we asked locals and called churches to see if they had service and sometimes that would work, but often it wouldn’t work. I kept thinking that I needed to create a website that would allow one to put in a city name and  then it would show service projects that are available. Like all of my good ideas, that website already exists.

If you go to you can type in a name of a city and service opportunities will be listed, with information, age restrictions and contact info. I love this site and it makes it so easy to find service opportunities.

I registered on the site and gave them my email address. Now I can sign up for the service projects through the website and then I get an email that gives my the information I need for the project. It also contacts the organization that is in charge of the service opportunity so they know we are coming.

The video above shows our service project at the Lieburn Senior Citizen Center in the Las Vegas area. We set up tables for a dinner they were going to have. It wasn’t a lot of work and we probably goofed off as much as we worked but we had fun.

Leave me a comment on what you do to find service projects in your area.


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