Live Your Good Story

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The theme of our blog is “Living a Good Story.” What does that mean? I really want that phrase to be up to each persons own interpretation. For me, it is leaving my comfort zones and trying to extend myself. I want to write a story in which I am a good father and husband. My good story is filled with service. The great thing about living a good story is that it is up to you and God as to what your good is. It will change over time but the key is that we aren’t complacent and we aren’t being tossed to and fro by the prevailing winds of life. We need to choose what to do and be a partner with our maker in writing our stories.

I have some friends from Eagle Mountain that have always lived their good story. They live a life of adventure and aren’t afraid to take on death defying experiences. They care about the other people around them and live a life that is literally full of service. I can’t think of a better group of young men.  They are in a competition for Red Bull where they can continue living their good story by traveling across Europe. Click this link and vote for them by liking their video. I would really appreciate it.

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