Point Lobos

When we to asked the locals in the Monterey Bay area what we should do, we got a lot of good suggestions. I think the place that got the most “you have to see” comments was Point Lobos State Park which is directly south of Carmel by the sea.

point lobos

Robert Louis Stevenson used Point Lobos as his inspiration when he wrote Treasure Island. There are a bunch of hikes and a cool whaling museum there. It costs $10 to get in but we just parked outside on highway 1 and hoofed it in. We walked around a good portion of the point and Madelyn was able to handle it so it’s not huge. My Fitbit clocked us hiking 3.4 mils from beginning to end. You can hike a lot more but judging by the map we saw a good portion of the park.

point lobos 2

Our first destination was Sea Lion Point. We started at the front gate and it was about a mile walk to get there. You can’t see them very well in the picture below, but the rocks are teeming with sea lions. Word of advice, don’t ask the rangers how sea lions are related to the lions that live on the savanna’s of Africa. They just look at you like you are an idiot and turn away. I don’t blame them.

point lobos 5

There are a lot of beautiful vistas throughout the park as you hike the trails. I am amazed at the beauty and wild savageness of the ocean in this area. In my head I always think that the places where the ocean meets the sea are more often a nice sandy beach with a gradual incline. When I see a lot of the coastline here, I imagine a pirate sitting down with his Matey’s to tell a story that start’s out “The sea was angry that day.”

point lobos 4

If you are in the Monterey Bay area don’t miss Point Lobos. If you aren’t in the mood for hiking you can drive in and park at various locations. This was a great day trip and we loved it.




7 thoughts on “Point Lobos

  1. I love all your fabulous learning experiences. Mike: Several IT students have asked me when you are coming back to IT – they love ya – I did not have an answer. ERC


    • Thanks Eva I don’t have an answer for when or if I am going back to IT. Only time will tell. I do miss everyone there though. I really enjoyed my time with my coworkers and being able to interact with all of the students.


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