It’s Prounounced “kahr-mel” Not “kahr-muhl”

We went to Carmel beach. We like to pronounce it like the candy because it’s fun. The locals don’t like it when we pronounce it like the candy. You can tell by the sour looks they give you when you say to them that you really like carmel (like the candy).  Regardless, the candy and the beach are both awesome.

It was a balmy 70 degrees so we had a huge chunk of the beach to ourselves as that is too cold for the natives. I am starting to like being here in the winter.  Dogs are welcome on the beach without leashes as long as they obey voice commands. Children are allowed without leashes even when they don’t obey voice commands.

Mason enjoyed the gentle sloping beach and skim boarded most of the time we were there.

mason carmel

Madelyn and I took a nice long walk on the beach (looking for a bathroom) and I took this picture of our footsteps. I’m sure there is some amazing symbolism here.

footsteps carmel.JPG

That’s Pebble Beach golf course there on the left.

pebble carmel

We ran into our friends the Rileys from our neighborhood.

riley carmel

As the tide went I found these awesome sand fractals forming. Did I mention that I’m a geek?


We stayed until the sunset. It was an amazing day. The only downside was the sand that we found in our cracks and crevices for days afterwards.


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