Lake Tahoe……..From a Dogs Perspective

We left Winnemmucca with the intention of traveling to Klamath Falls Oregon so we could visit Crater Lake. The GPS started us going the wrong way towards Reno. We realized we were headed the wrong direction after about 20 miles so we pulled over to the side of the road to discuss what to do. We decided that fate wanted us to go somewhere other than Klamath Falls and we continued on towards Reno.

Since we hadn’t planned on staying in Reno, we drove around for hours looking for a place that felt right. We ended up in Carson City, Nevada. Carson City had a good vibe to it. It’s close to the base of some mountains and so it is really pretty in that area. We realized we were only about 40 miles from Lake Tahoe. We decided to visit.

Lake Tahoe is amazing. Why hasn’t anyone told me how beautiful and tranquil it is? It was so amazing that even Marisa forgot to take any photos or videos because she was so caught up in the beauty. If you know Marisa, you know that this is a rare event. The only video or picture we have from Tahoe is this video of us putting the GoPro on Lily to see what Lake Tahoe looks like from a dogs perspective. So here you go, this is what it looks like if you go to Lake Tahoe…….and you are a yellow lab…….and you have weird owners who attach cameras to you.

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