Michael Tests Out the Shock Collar

Our dog Lily has been overprotective since we started our trip. She barks at anyone that passes by our fifth wheel and we have had a few people complain about her to the camp hosts. We feel terrible that we have disturbed others and we were even warned by one camp host that we would have to leave if we didn’t get her to be quieter.

We have tried a lot of different things and we thought we might have to give her away or take her to the animal shelter. Our last act of desperation was to buy a shock collar that gives her a little jolt if she barks. I felt like it was kind of cruel, but my hope was that if she learns not to bark, she wouldn’t get shocked, and we could keep her. The collar seemed to be working fine but then she started barking again. I decided to test the collar to see if it is working. Maybe I need to find a better way to test the collar. Ouch.

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