Tubing the Portneuf River

Our first stop after leaving Utah was in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. We are aware that it isn’t nationally renowned but it was a great place for us to start our trip. We stayed at Smith Trout Haven with our friends the Boynton’s.

There isn’t any liquid hot magma in Lava, but there used to be. Lava rock is strewn about southeastern Idaho from ancient volcanic eruptions. When Yellowstone finally blows there won’t be anything left in southeast Idaho except a stain and some potato peels. Luckily for us, in the thousand and thousands of years since the explosions, the lava has cooled and left us with a nice little town with a quaint main street, a huge swimming complex, and the Portneuf River.

The best thing we did at Lava (unless you ask Maya) was to go tubing down the Portneuf River. Maya disagrees as she fell out of her tube going over a waterfall and thinks she about died. Since she didn’t die, her brothers who saw this near death experience think it is the best thing that happened. Brothers aren’t very nice. Behold our adventures in this nice montage that Marisa made.

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