I Know Where We’re Going!

I love my dear bride with all of my heart. She has so many wonderful qualities and we are very supportive of each other. There are a few things we happen to disagree on. One of those is her sense of direction.

When we are on our way to a destination she will insist that she knows how to get there. She will proceed to tell me to turn down a road. Then after driving around aimlessly she will take it back and say it isn’t the right road. Then she will insist that she knows where to go, and have me turn on another road. Then she will take it back after We continue driving down erroneous paths until we finally turn on the right road, and find our destination. Marisa will then tell me that the fact that we arrived at our destination is proof that she knew where she was going. I would argue that the fact that we made 9 wrong turns means that she didn’t know where we were going and at some point she will have to be right since there aren’t an infinite amount of streets to turn down.

This process is not acceptable when we are pulling our living quarters behind our truck. I prefer to rely on google maps instead of her sense of direction. Hence the following discussion.

2 thoughts on “I Know Where We’re Going!

  1. Mike, I feel like I know where all y’all are going, as well. Wonderful story. If you need EXACT directions to Nashville, will provide same.

    Did you happen to get my Nashville, TN hints? PLEASE: Don’t feel obligated to go to Graceland in Memphis, as there is no grace there, whatsoever (wrong turn; stuff happens). Hoping to meet & greet in Nashville. Kindly advise date and time! I shall show you around MY town…..ERC 615.333.2211


    • Eva, I will let you know when I get closer to you. Might not be until next spring. I have had a lot of people that have told me that I need to go to Tennesee. THANKS FOR THE INVITE!


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