We Bought a 5th Wheel

We have searched, debated, and prayed about what we should travel with. A motorhome is part of the American Dream. When we had Lola (a class C motorhome), I loved that we could lounge around, eat, sleep, work, and pee all while driving. I loved seeing this amazing country pass by as I fixed my kids a sandwich and then sat down to read to them. As we looked at motorhomes vs. 5th wheels in our price range, it was obvious that you can get so much more in a 5th wheel for the same price. The kids HATED the idea of a 5th wheel until we saw this beast:

Rex Kwan Do

2013 Jayco Seismic 3712 Toy Hauler

It was love at first sight, it was meant to be, we knew he was ours. It is a Toy Hauler, meaning the back actually folds down to make a ramp, and there is a back “garage” area where you can park toys like ATV’s and bikes and stuff. We liked it because it offered a separate “room” for the kids and 2 queen bunks for the kids to sleep on. If we had gone with a motorhome, we were going to have kids sleeping on couches and possibly the floor.

We put the cart before the horse and are looking for the right truck to tow this bad boy. So for now, he sits at the dealership. To Michael’s dismay, I can’t wait to get my hands on him and add some flare to him.

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