Water Snob

I’m not a snob when it comes to most things, or really anything. EXCEPT when it comes to my water. I’m pretty particular about the berkey water filtertaste, smell, temperature, container, and look of the water that I drink. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to turn up my nose if someone offers me a drink of water in a container that I don’t like, or water that is at an undesirable temperature for me, but I may not drink much of it.

I didn’t realize what a water snob I was until we moved to a home with terrible water, and I just about completely stopped drinking water. This kind of caused some issues since I don’t drink juice, milk, soda, coffee, tea etc. I’m a water drinker.

You may be asking, “How does she like her water?” Well, I like it to not have a taste  or a smell for starters, unless of course I’ve added essential oils to it. As for the temperature, I like it tepid. It’s the only way I can drink it fast and without getting a brain freeze. You really can’t guzzle cold water. I like it to be in glass, because I think it tastes better (I already admitted I’m a snob on this, so yes I’m aware that I’m picky) And how should it look? No color to it and NO floaties!

Since we will be drinking all sorts of funky water on our trip, I wanted to make sure I didn’t die of self-induced dehydration. The first purchase for the motorhome that we do not have YET is a Berkey Water Filter. Isn’t she a beauty?

How do you like your water?



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